Our philosophy

Alcohol and other drugs are a part of life in Australia.

Not all alcohol and drug consumption is harmful. Whether it’s inhaling the smell of your coffee as you wake up in the morning, reaching for a painkiller when headaches strike, or spending your Saturday night sipping drinks with friends, alcohol and drugs can certainly enhance our quality of life when used under the right circumstances.

However, serious harms from legal and illegal drugs continue to climb. Long term health issues, alcohol and drug-related violence, drug dependence and substance-related deaths are continuing to impact our communities every day. We’re seeing vulnerable individuals and communities continuing to face the challenges of substance misuse, with the legal consequences having little effect. It’s time for a new approach.

We know working to prevent harm gives us the best long term hope of reducing alcohol and drug problems.

This will take a coordinated approach – with governments, health services, communities and individuals working together.


How communities can prevent problems 

Research shows that creating connected communities is one of the keys to preventing alcohol and drug problems. In these communities people feel valued, supported and purposeful.

We’re stronger when we work together. Collaboration and learning from others is important. We want communities and individuals to feel supported to work for prevention in their local area. We want local leaders to have the skills and tools to create the change they want to see. The Alcohol and Drug Foundation supports those working to build strong communities by providing the evidence-based resources to drive effective change.