Where to start

It’s easy to feel helpless when we hear about all the alcohol and other drug problems facing our society. But the good news is that every community member has a real opportunity to make a difference in their local area through joining a Community Drug Action Team.

Community Drug Action Teams – NSW

These teams (also known as CDATs) are made up of passionate and dedicated volunteers who love their local area and want the best for their community.


Every CDAT activity is guided by The Framework for Action 2015-2017.

Some examples of recent CDAT projects include:

  • Organising a local forum with the experts where community members can discuss the real issues behind ‘ice’ harms in their area and how they can be addressed.
  • Establishing a weekly activity for young people where they can party safely.
  • Objecting to new liquor licence applications.

Join a team

Getting involved is easy. Whether you would like to become a CDAT member, or have the time or resources to assist with a one-off event, your CDAT needs you!