Community action plans

A community action plan explains the context and intent of the work of the LDAT. It describes the way local organisations and community groups are working together to address alcohol and other drugs and possibly other health issues. This plan highlights the key issues a community aims to address (local needs), demonstrates the range of strategies to be undertaken and how these link together to reduce and prevent alcohol and drug-related issues and harms.

You must have a plan of your intended project(s) at the time of applying for a grant and to become an LDAT member.

Groups that join in future rounds will receive structure and guidance to help them develop a community action plan and it can be developed after the application and selection process is complete. This will give you the time to complete community consultation, map your community needs, identify community strengths, determine the steps you will undertake to develop and implement projects, and use the tools and resources provided by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation. Please check back here for further updates closer to that time.


Your community action plan should include:

  • The project you wish to undertake
  • Who it targets
  • The evidence that informs the need for this project, including through the demographic data for your local area
  • How it forms part of a broader approach to reducing or preventing alcohol and drug harm.

Do you already have a plan?

Many well developed local community partnerships will already have a community action plan. In some cases this plan will be specifically focused on alcohol and drugs, while other community groups may be working across a broader health promotion agenda. If the plan identifies a broader health agenda, it should clearly outline alcohol and drug harm prevention as one of the key objectives and demonstrate how that links into the plan.

We do not require you to develop a new community action plan if you already have one.

During the application process you will have the opportunity to respond to a series of questions that will help you outline key aspects of your existing plan and then you can simply upload the plan with the application.