Resources and toolkits

From mid 2017 we will begin to share resources and toolkits here and build on these over the coming months and years to empower LDATs to lead community-based activities that reduce and prevent alcohol and other drug harm.

Resources will range from practical activity packs that allow communities to deliver a specific themed initiatives, to webinars, community consultation toolkits, media management kits and administrative tools.

A major component of the program will be an online ‘community of practice’ which will be co-designed with targeted communities over the first year of the program. The platform will be active from late 2017. It will provide a space to share, collaborate and learn from each other as well as best practice in Australia and internationally.

The LDAT program is targeting communities with one or more of the following characteristics. You can find out more about your community’s demographics via the links:

  • Above average levels of unemployment – check the Employment Regions Data for your area via the Labour Market Information Portal
  • Regional centres and geographical remoteness – check the classification of your community via the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
  • High population of Indigenous people – find the Indigenous profile in your community via .idcommunity
  • Areas of high population growth – find the population forecast for  your community via .idcommunity
  • Social disadvantage – find the SEIFA – disadvantage score for  your community via .idcommunity
  • Specific priority population sub-groups – communities may identify a specific group in their community that would benefit from activity to prevent and reduce alcohol and other drug harms