Alcohol and drugs are a cost to your business

Alcohol costs the Australian workplace an estimated $6 billion a year.

Consumption of alcohol and other drugs can happen anytime - whether at home, during the day or at a work function.

We see the effects of misuse through:

  • loss of productivity
  • absenteeism
  • injuries and workplace deaths.

Leading and responsible organisations recognise their social obligations and the substantial costs which can directly impact their bottom-line.

These same organisations are implementing robust alcohol and drug policies into their business along with evidence based preventative training that helps to reduce the financial and social impact of alcohol in the workplace.


How can we help you?

The Workplace Services team at the Alcohol and Drug Foundation have a number of preventative tools available to meet all of your needs such as:

  • Education - ADF Aware, ADF Inform, ADF Toolbox
  • Corporate Events - ADF GoodHost; to reduce intoxication and reduce risks at workplace functions.

Call our Workplace Services team to discuss how we can help you reduce your risk. Tel: (03) 9611 6100 or email