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Online Education


Online Alcohol & Drug Training

ADF Aware is a simple and effective online employee alcohol and other drug education program specifically designed for the workplace.

ADF Aware brings the topic of alcohol and other drugs to the forefront of staff and highlights that when alcohol is consumed at home, it can have a detrimental effect the next day at work.

This program complements your existing OH&S policy and procedures covering;


Program Objectives

 The primary objective of ADF Aware is to raise your employee’s awareness about alcohol and other drugs; however they will also find out:

  • How their actions (in their personal time) can affect their work performance
  • How much alcohol and drugs cost the Australian work force
  • Impact of excessive alcohol use and binge drinking 
  • Immediate and long term effects of drug use (whether illegal or legal drugs)

It is an interactive Q&A style program which takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

Can all employees go through ADF Aware?

Absolutely.  ADF Aware is suitable for all employees from the boardroom to the factory floor.  Whilst this program would complement an organisation’s employee induction process; the program is updated regularly and is highly suitable for an annual awareness program.

Why invest in Alcohol and Drug Awareness?

This program supports organisations to reduce unnecessary costs by:

  • Protecting the company brand and image; 
  • Help improve productivity; 
  • Reduce absenteeism; and 
  • Meet your organisation’s duty-of-care responsibilities. 


At the end of each module, participants will be required to complete a short quiz; participants must achieve 100% for each quiz to progress to the next module.  All participants who complete the program will be provided a Certificate of Participation.

Advantages of ADF Aware

  • It is easy to access and monitor.  Access to the program is via an internet portal which needs little to no IT support.  The program can be accessed at any time and participants can save their answers and return to the program at a later time.  Key stakeholders can include any number of employees on the program and can monitor who has completed the training.  The HR Manager can easily monitor employee participation level. 
  • Add new employees with no additional cost.  Upload all your employees and add in any new staff when they join your company throughout the year. 
  • No expensive software is required.   ADF Aware is hosted on the Australian Drug Foundation’s server. We provide regular up-dates automatically keeping the information relevant and in-line with any legislative changes.

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