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Supporting youth music in Byron Bay

Case studies > Supporting youth music in Byron Bay

Supporting youth music in Byron Bay

Lobbying for change through the media

Best practice & resources > Lobbying for change through the media

Lobbying for change through the media Advocacy has played a key role in tobacco law reform. Communities can play an important role in continuing to send governments a message on the need for more change…

Best practice & resources

CDAT resources > Best practice & resources

Best practice and resources Tackling alcohol and other drug problems in your community can be challenging. But the good news is there are tried and tested ideas and resources that can make it easier. The…

2017 National AOD Awards

Programs > 2017 National AOD Awards

2017 Alcohol and Other Drug Excellence and Innovation Awards

What is alcohol and drug prevention?

Best practice & resources > What is alcohol and drug prevention?

What is alcohol and drug prevention? There are different types of alcohol and other drug prevention programs and understanding the definitions of them can help you set clear aims for your next community project. The…

Thinking about distributing safer partying information?

Best practice & resources > Thinking about distributing safer partying information?

Thinking about distributing safer partying information? We’ve collected pamphlets, websites and apps full of shareable tips and tricks as well as the steps to make distributing them effective.  There is a range of people you…

Identifying drug use

Teenagers > Identifying drug use

Identifying drug use Adolescence can be a tough time for parents. Your child is changing a lot and you may not feel as close to them as you used to. You might be worried that…

Our purpose, mission & focus

About ADF > Our purpose, mission & focus

Our Purpose To prevent the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs in Australia. Each year in Australia: 5,500 people die from alcohol related injuries, illness and accidents. 157,000 people are hospitalised due to alcohol.…

Hosting parties and functions

How we can help > Hosting parties and functions

Hosting parties and functions GoodHost is our toolkit for organisations wanting to manage the risks associated with alcohol when holding workplace functions and parties. The majority of alcohol-related incidents in the workplace originate at parties…


About ADF > Prevention

Primary Prevention

What works?

Why primary prevention? > What works?

What works?

CDAT news

Information & inspiration > CDAT news

CDAT news CDAT regional forums Across New South Wales, CDATs are getting together to share ideas, experiences, and projects with their peers. Forums wrap-up



Privacy The Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) is committed to protecting your privacy.  Our Privacy Policy sets out how we collect and manage personal information and the steps we take to protect it.  Your use…

Hosting a teenage party

Safe partying > Hosting a teenage party

Hosting a teen party It’s possible to host a fun and memorable party for your child that their friends and their parents will be comfortable with. Use the safe party planner The planner is helpful…

2018 CDAT Award Winners

2018 CDAT Conference > 2018 CDAT Award Winners

2018 Community Drug Action Team Award Winners Winners for the 2018 Community Drug Action Team (CDAT) Awards were announced on Monday 12 March at the 2018 CDAT Conference in Newcastle. The CDAT Awards, recognise and…

Saying yes or no to a party

Safe partying > Saying yes or no to a party

Saying yes or no to a party Talk to the party host To help decide if you’ll let your child go, you can contact the host (parent) to get an idea of what kind of…

NT community group reduces sniffing harms

Case studies > NT community group reduces sniffing harms

NT community group reduces sniffing harms Education workshops and camps succeed in lowering inhalant use among Darwin youth. The AOD Indigenous Communities Project run by Amity Community Services has led to a marked decrease in…


Teenagers > Schools

Schools If the messages a young person is receiving about alcohol and other drugs from their school, family and community are the same, the more likely they are to believe them and follow rules. Starting…

The evidence

Module 1: Why it matters > The evidence

The evidence The evidence provided on this page can help you argue the case that alcohol availability should be carefully regulated in your community. Kypros Kypri lays out the academic evidence in support of regulating…

Alcohol within our community

Indigenous resources > Alcohol within our community

A guide to alcohol within our community In Australia it’s illegal to supply alcohol to anyone under the age of 18. If you are caught selling, supplying or buying alcohol for someone under 18 you…



Disclaimer Information on all Alcohol and Drug Foundation websites, including but not limited to, and is intended as a general guide only. While care has been taken to ensure that the information contained…

CDAT awards

Case studies > CDAT awards

The 2016 CDAT Awards  

2018 CDAT Conference Q&A

2018 CDAT Conference > 2018 CDAT Conference Q&A

2018 CDAT Conference Q&A

Drug Education in Schools

Drug Education in Schools

Drug Education in Schools

How to run a forum – Step 2

Breaking the ice – How to run a forum > How to run a forum – Step 2

How to run a forum – Step 2 Seek local support For your event to be successful and community-driven, it is important to involve local stakeholders and seek their support. These organisations and people can also…

Our people

About ADF > Our people

Our Executive Team  


Get involved > Grants

CDAT grants The ADF is very pleased to announce that the 2018 CEAP grants will open in late August! The Core Grant of up to $3500 per CDAT (excl. GST) is there to help CDATs…

Heather Blackley

Star profiles > Heather Blackley

Heather Blackley Written by Amanda Kelly, Senior Community Development Officer. As the current Chair of Lachlan CDAT, Heather has been actively involved with the committee since it was endorsed in 2011. Lachlan CDAT covers the…


About ADF > Media

Media The Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s media team is readily available to help journalists with their media enquiries, with a range of spokespeople available to share their expertise on different alcohol and drug related issues.…

Josh Dooner

Star profiles > Josh Dooner

Josh Dooner Congratulations to Gumbaynggirr Youth CDAT committee member Josh Dooner, who has been shortlisted for the NADA Excellence in Health Promotion Award.

Disturbance complaints

Module 6: More strategies > Disturbance complaints

Making a disturbance complaint Residents and businesses surrounding a liquor outlet – including one-off events such as concerts – can lodge a complaint about related noise and/or the conduct of patrons. Ideally, licensed venues and…


Module 4: Liquor licensing applications > Submissions

Making your submission Even if you decided to participate in the CIS, you should also make an independent submission on the licence application to the ILGA. Everyone has the right to make an independent submission,…

Module 6: More strategies

Toolkit – availability of alcohol > Module 6: More strategies

Module 6: More strategies


Module 4: Liquor licensing applications > The ILGA

How do I find out about applications? An applicant must notify the community within 2 days of applying for their licence. You have 30 days from when they submit their application to make a submission…

Making a comment

Module 3: Development applications > Making a comment

Making a comment

Why primary prevention?

Community Drug Action Teams NSW > Why primary prevention?

Starting early – a focus on primary prevention

Tobacco within our community

Indigenous resources > Tobacco within our community

Tobacco within our community Federal and state laws make it an offence to sell or supply tobacco products to people under 18 years of age. It is also illegal for anyone under 18 years to…


How we can help > Consultancy

Consultancy We understand that no two workplaces are the same when it comes to alcohol and other drugs. Through our ADF Consult program we work with you to develop an effective alcohol and drug strategy…

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