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Alcohol and drug use > Teenagers

Teenagers Many parents are concerned about alcohol as well as other drugs as their children grow up, and for good reason. Young people are at greater risk of alcohol-related harm than adults. Relatively recent research…


Teenagers > Influencers

Influencers As your child grows up, it’s easy to think that they listen more to their friends and celebrities than you. However, the reality is that you started to influence your child from day one…

Running a regular event for young people

Best practice & resources > Running a regular event for young people

Running a regular event for young people Young people don’t turn to alcohol and other drugs (AOD) because they want to develop problems. They are often bored and may want to connect with their peers.…

Safe partying

Teenagers > Safe partying

Safe partying It’s natural to worry and wonder what you can do to help keep your child safe as they encounter alcohol and other drugs in their party scene. It might not always feel like…

What works?

Why primary prevention? > What works?

What works?

Karen Decoque

Star profiles > Karen Decoque

Karen Decoque Educating young people about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs drives long-term youth worker and Northern Wyong CDAT chair Karen Decoque. Her involvement in community education dates back to volunteering at her…

Muranda Goodsell

Star profiles > Muranda Goodsell

Muranda Goodsell It is not hard for CDAT Kyogle youth worker Muranda Goodsell to relate to the young people she sees every week. Many come from broken homes where their parents misuse drugs and alcohol.…

Saying yes or no to a party

Safe partying > Saying yes or no to a party

Saying yes or no to a party Talk to the party host To help decide if you’ll let your child go, you can contact the host (parent) to get an idea of what kind of…


Teenagers > Schools

Schools If the messages a young person is receiving about alcohol and other drugs from their school, family and community are the same, the more likely they are to believe them and follow rules. Starting…

Identifying drug use

Teenagers > Identifying drug use

Identifying drug use Adolescence can be a tough time for parents. Your child is changing a lot and you may not feel as close to them as you used to. You might be worried that…

Safe partying tips for school leavers

Safe partying > Safe partying tips for school leavers

Safe partying tips for school leavers In the lead up to ‘schoolies’ or ‘leavers’ events, it’s a good idea to talk with your child about alcohol and drugs. You can discuss some of the tips…

Hosting a teenage party

Safe partying > Hosting a teenage party

Hosting a teen party It’s possible to host a fun and memorable party for your child that their friends and their parents will be comfortable with. Use the safe party planner The planner is helpful…

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