Funding and grants

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) allocates funding to community groups in NSW through the Community Engagement and Action Program (CEAP) that’s funded by the NSW Government. At the core of this program are the Community Drug Action Teams (CDATs). These volunteer-led teams operate across the state and work together to reduce alcohol and other drug harms in their local communities.

The CEAP grants program provides financial support to CDATs by helping the teams deliver projects and reimbursing them for the costs associated with CDAT operations.

CEAP grants program

Applications for the 2016/17 CEAP grants program have now closed.

Grants are awarded annually. Subscribe to the newsletter, so we can let you know when the next grants round will be.

Grant resources:

These resources will be handy for CDATs when putting together CEAP grant applications.

CEAP Framework for Action: a blueprint for CEAP, explaining the principles that the ADF uses to guide CDATs in their work.

Terms of Reference Charter: the CDAT Charter, to be used in conjunction with the CEAP Framework document.

Auspice agreement letter template: a template to be used when entering into an Auspice agreement.

Electronic invoice template: a sample tax invoice template.

Annual Drug Action Plan Template: a template to help CDATs plan their work over a 12 month period.

2015 CDAT Small Grants Report: examples of successful grants in 2015.

Any other questions?

CDATS: Your local SCDO will be able to assist you with any enquiries.

General enquiries:

Damian Dabrowski, Projects and Events Coordinator

Phone (02) 8923 0011