For people with a dependence on drugs, reduced supply and limited access to drugs during the coronavirus pandemic could lead to people substituting the type of drug they use, changing their patterns of use, or forcing people into withdrawal.

Information on pharmacotherapy and COVID-19 from Harm Reduction Victoria

Information on withdrawal

You might need medical supervision to have a safe withdrawal. Always discuss withdrawal with your doctor or with an alcohol and other drug treatment service first.

Information on home-based withdrawal

If you are thinking of supporting a loved one through withdrawal it is important that you both speak to a health professional before the process is undertaken.

If the person you are supporting is struggling with cravings, it is advisable for them to talk to their health professional.

Safely reducing your alcohol intake

For people who consume high amounts of alcohol regularly, or who are dependent on alcohol, reducing or abstaining from alcohol can result in experiencing withdrawal symptoms. These can include sweating, anxiety or agitation, nausea and vomiting, tremors or insomnia. In these instances, sudden withdrawal can be extremely dangerous and should be done under medical supervision as it can cause stroke, heart attack or organ failure.