Risk of accidents and overdose

Mixing alcohol and other drugs

There may be an increase in use of pharmacy medications and alcohol, which may be more readily available than other illicit drugs. It’s important to understand the issues associated with mixing substances, including alcohol. This is referred to as polydrug use.

Risk of accidents and overdose

Stockpiling illicit drugs can lead people to use more regularly and use higher doses than usual, increasing the risk of accidents, injuries and overdoses.

There are also concerns, due to availability of some chemicals and products, that drugs could contain adulterated, harmful ingredients and have extra potent substances, such as fentanyl, added into the supply. The illicit drug market is unregulated so there is no way to know what is in a particular drug.

Dealing with a bad drug reaction

While the majority of people who have issues related to alcohol and other drugs (AOD) will never become aggressive, some do.

It’s important to be aware that there are simple strategies that can be useful when this happens. These strategies can prevent aggression from escalating into violence.

Information on naloxone

Three deaths every day are due to opioids and 64.5% of all drug-induced deaths in 2018 involved opioids.

Australia is now taking steps to reduce these harms. One strategy being trialled is expanding access to an overdose-reversal drug called naloxone.