Help & Support services

Knowing where to find credible information and support about alcohol and other drugs is an important step to reducing harm.

Directory of help and support services across Australia

Support for family and friends

Knowing how to support a loved one who may be using alcohol and other drugs can sometimes be challenging.  Not knowing where to find help, what questions to ask or even who to ask can all make asking for support difficult.   Many people start by trying to find help for their loved one and often forget, or aren’t aware, that there are services available to support them too.  Different people need different services:  some families may just want someone to talk to, others may want to learn reasons for drug use, how to have the conversation with the person they are concerned about, or how to talk to their GP.   Finding the service and support you need when you need it is essential.  We can help reduce that burden.

Support for you

For people who are using alcohol and other drugs, it can sometimes be hard to ask for help or information.  Some people may be looking for information to help them reduce or cease their use, other people may be searching for harm reduction information or counselling / psychological services, and some people may be wanting to find ways to help explain their use to their families. Finding the service and support that you need, when you need it is essential.  We can help guide you to the resource / services that are right for what you need now.

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