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Geoff Munro

Geoff Munro- National Policy Manager

Geoff Munro is the ADF's National Policy Manager His role involves advising on drug policy issues, communicating with various audiences and assisting the ADF to disseminate its views.

Dr Ben O'Mara

Dr Ben O'Mara

John Rogerson

Julie Rae

Julie Rae- Primary prevention evangelist

With over 30 years’ experience in the information industry, Julie is active in the alcohol and other drug sector and passionate about always returning to what the evidence can tell us.

Ian Comben

Tapuwa Bofu

Tapuwa Bofu- Senior Community Development Officer, LDAT program

With more than a decades’ experience in the community development sector, Tapuwa’s focus is on improving the health and well-being of communities across Australia.

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alcohol industry funding research

Alcohol-funded research: believe it or not?

The cancellation of a US $100 million-dollar study on alcohol in 2018, due to it being ‘tainted by funding appeals….

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MDMA therapy


Originally manufactured in the early 1900s to help control bleeding, MDMA became more commonly used in the 1970s and early….

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ADF elibrary

Q&A with the ADF’s eLibrarian

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s digital library offers free access to over 1 million resources including reports, e-books, full text….

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Research: ketamine depression treatment

Research: ketamine treatment for depression

Ongoing research has some mental health practitioners, and depression sufferers, very excited about ketamine’s potential to address treatment-resistant depression; but….

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