How to run a forum – Step 10

Follow these key tips for running a successful event

  1. Ensure the event starts and finishes on time.
  2. Arrive in time to set up the venue and ensure the technical equipment is working, including checking whether the computer is a PC or a Mac, any possible compatibility issues, and that the sound system and microphones are working well.
  3. Make sure people can find the venue (use signage if you need to) and that they can find the registration desk to sign in and be welcomed.
  4. Test any PowerPoint slides prior to commencing the event and ensure you have a back-up copy of the slides on a memory (USB) stick in the event that the original copy does not work. Do not rely on speakers bringing their own slides on the day.
  5. Make sure your speakers and panel members are aligned with the key messages of the forum.
  6. Confirm the attendance of your host, MC, speakers and panel members on the day of the forum.
  7. Ask your speakers to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to commencement of the forum so they can be introduced to the MC, host, etc. and to ensure there are no last-minute changes or cancellations.
  8. Have a back-up plan in case one of your speakers doesn’t arrive.
  9. Check that your speakers’ presentations are the same as the ones earlier supplied and that they are loaded successfully onto the laptop to be used during the forum.
  10. Double-check the MC’s script for speaker names and/or names of panel members, titles, etc. Make sure the MC knows who to thank on your behalf if you are not doing this.
  11. Remind/encourage attendees to hand in their evaluation forms or leave them on their seat when they depart.
  12. Keep a record of any audience questions that are raised during the Q&A session, and who on the panel responds, to include in your event report.
  13. Ensure the venue is left in the same state in which it was when you arrived and that you check in with your venue contact regarding security procedures prior to departure.