CDAT Resources

We have a range of toolkits for you to support you in a range of community based actions.

Presentation Pack for CDATs

Is your CDAT planning to present at a forum, webinar, conference or event? The Alcohol and Drug Foundation have developed this presentation pack for CDATs to utilise, filled with evidence-based information on AOD issues.

Toolkit - Recruiting CDAT members

Recruiting and maintaining active membership is a key issue for Community Drug Action Teams (CDATs). As a CDAT volunteer yourself, you understand that committing the time and energy is worth it – but how can you share that message?

Taking Action Against Inappropriate Liquor Promotion

Concerned about inappropriate liquor promotion in your community? Take Action!

Evidence based activities for CDATs

This resource provides CDATs with examples of evidence-informed activities that minimise the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs, how these activities have been implemented in local communities, and how to measure the outcomes of those activities.

Using Social Media

Social media is a great way to share updates, facilitate conversations and engage with your community. The Alcohol and Drug Foundation has developed a suite of resources for Drug Action Teams and community organisations to utilise when considering social media as a platform.

Toolkit: Running a Campaign

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation are releasing a series of campaign toolkits for Community Drug Action Teams to utilise. We want to give you the ability to launch your own campaigns and share evidence-based ideas from NSW Health, the funder of the CDAT program.

Toolkit: Tackling the availability of alcohol

Learn more about the liquor licensing process in NSW and how your CDAT can make its voice heard.

Toolkit: Evaluation

Evaluation is the key to improving your projects. It helps you track and assess what’s working, what can be improved, if you’re using your resources effectively, and how you’re progressing towards your goals

Toolkit: Using social media

Learn how to use social media as an effective marketing tool to reduce alcohol and other drug harm in your community.

Toolkit: Community partnerships

Strong community drug action team partnerships are essential to addressing complex social issues (such as AOD misuse) in your community.