Best Practice

Tackling alcohol and other drug problems in your community can be challenging. But the good news is there are tried and tested ideas and resources that can make it easier. The Alcohol and Drug Foundation is here to help you. All the information we create is evidence-based, which means it’s developed using the best research and expert advice available.

Listen to the experts

Remember – if you’re going to spend time and effort trying to make a difference in your community, it’s worth listening to the experts to find out what sort of initiatives actually work.

Prevention Research: Preventing alcohol and drug problems in your community(Preventing AOD problems) will give you some tried and tested strategies for harm prevention.

6 Steps to planning alcohol and drug projects (Planning AOD projects) is a discussion guide to help you develop a well-planned, successful initiative.

Local data sources is a guide that provides you with a summary of the importance of gathering local data, as well as a range of key websites and organisations that offer local and regional data related to AOD to help with planning, e.g. development of your Action Plan.

More resources

Drug facts

Download fact sheets about alcohol and a large range of other drugs, including illicit substances and medication. There’s also information on secondary supply, pregnancy and alcohol, safe driving, and a large range of other topics.

Breaking the ice

Get equipped to educate the community about ‘ice’ (crystal methamphetamine), including through organising forums and using online training tools and fact sheets.

Wanting to dig deeper?

Find the original research and publications informing best practice. There are also lots of other links to websites and other resources that might be helpful.