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Why are you a CDAT member?

Attracting and retaining active CDAT members is vital to your team’s success. As we tailor the volunteering content for the March CDAT State Conference, understanding the experience of current CDAT members will help us provide the best possible resources to help your team find and keep members.

This 7-question survey looks to capture your challenges, your motivations, and what you take pride in as a CDAT member – and your response really makes a difference.

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Rescheduling of codeine.

As of the 1st of February 2018, all medicines containing codeine will no longer be available without a prescription. Regular long-term use can result in overuse and dependence, which is an increasing problem in Australia. Read more.


Star profiles

Meet Miram Deshayes, a member of Campbelltown CDAT. She has a background in health promotion, works for Youth Solutions, and shares a life-long passion for volunteering in her community. Read more.


Case studies

Linked Up

Linked Up aims to holistically build the capacity of participants to improve their health behaviours. Importantly, young people have had direct input into the structuring of the program and its future development.


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CEAP grants and updates

Grant funding for CDATs, and looking forward to exciting CDAT activities in 2018!


New research and evidence

Aboriginal communities and NDARC team up.
Ongoing evaluations of programs such as Midnight Basketball – which we previously covered in a case study – as well as other sport and arts activities are happening in Aboriginal communities in NSW. Results could be promising for building the evidence base around successful prevention programs.