Toolkit - Community partnerships

What do we mean by ‘partnership’?

Partnerships involve a range of parties within a community, working together to achieve similar goals. The partnerships that you create as part of your program will be as diverse and varied as your community itself.

Why are ‘partnerships’ important?

Strong community drug action team partnerships are essential to addressing complex social issues (such as AOD use) in your community. Creating strong partnerships with organisations, businesses, and service providers in your community will help to increase the capacity of your program. Quality partnerships can also provide you with the opportunity to collaborate with groups and organisations to share skills, strengthen messaging, and expand your impact. Strong partnerships can also help to facilitate comprehensive, well-resourced and efficient responses to the AOD program issues.

Macleay Valley CDAT Naidoc Week family fun day stall

Working with community partners will enable you to:

  • Draw on expertise within your community and harness a range of skills, knowledge and experience
  • Draw on other local networks and extend your reach into the community
  • Access and utilise a range of different perspectives and insights into your community, and your project
  • Address the complex causes of alcohol and drug harm beyond individual and organisational boundaries through a collaborative approach
  • Increase your impact in the community.

Working with community partners will increase the likelihood of your project creating successful long term and sustained change in your community.

Other benefits of effective partnerships are:

  • Reducing costs through sharing of resources and information
  • Improved quality of projects and activities (creating better outcomes for communities)
  • Allowing for diverse thinking and an opportunity to share the workload
  • Creating motivation to develop and undertake the work
  • Enabling the ongoing development of relationships between partners.