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Using mediums like social media through positive images to promote healthy behaviours in order to reduce alcohol and other drug harm, the Snowy Monaro CDAT has payed participants $1 for their photos, showing off their beautiful region by young people getting active and seizing the snowies. To date they have received over 700 images.



Stigma and vulnerability to AOD
To be stigmatised is to be held in contempt, shunned, or rendered socially invisible because of a disapproved status or behaviour. Consequently, stigmatised individuals or groups don’t receive the same level of respect as others.

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Meet Pete New
Pete came across the CDAT in a local newspaper about two years ago, and he decided to sit in on a few meetings to check it out, and ever since then has been actively involved.

Pete New

Case studies

Digital Ambassadors in the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains CDAT and Mountains Youth Services Team coordinated to support young Digital Ambassadors to spread positive messages through social media.

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It’s project planning time!

Now is a great time for CDATs to start thinking about their projects for 2017-2018, and to hold a planning meeting.


New research and evidence

Aboriginal communities and NDARC team up.
Ongoing evaluations of programs such as Midnight Basketball – which we previously covered in a case study – as well as other sport and arts activities are happening in Aboriginal communities in NSW. Results could be promising for building the evidence base around successful prevention programs.