Case studies

There are heaps of communities out there just like yours coming up with great ideas that can inspire you. Learning from others will not only make things easier as you create your project, it will often lead to better results for your community.

Read the latest CDAT Case studies

FASD prevention in Tamworth

Tamworth CDAT has organised a month-long campaign to raise awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) across the community. Over the month of September, the CDAT will roll out activities such as education programs, small local events and distribution of resources. 

Helping young people learn to cook in Queanbeyan

For Pat Siciliano, lead of Queanbeyan CDAT, listening to the young people that his team has set out to help is paramount. 

Special effort helps swamped Northern Sydney Year 12 students

It’s no secret that Year 12 means peak stress for teenagers. 

A survey of youth in the Northern Sydney suburbs showed the biggest need was around mental health for teens navigating their biggest school year. 

Do you have something to share?

We would love to celebrate your community’s achievements and share what you’ve learnt with others. Remember that projects very rarely go as planned, but if we all share what went well and what could be done differently next time, we can learn from each other and build our success over time.

The ‘closed’ (which means private) Facebook page especially for CDATs helps you do just that.

You can also fill out the case study form below and email it to Laura at the Alcohol and Drug Foundation so we can feature your project in the newsletter: