Project templates and forms

Use this space as your go-to spot for free project templates and forms that include the CDAT branding.

If you are a CDAT member and would prefer to create something from scratch, it’s important to stick to the CDAT Brand Guidelines.

Grant resources

These resources will be handy for CDATs when putting together CEAP grant applications.

CEAP Framework for Action: a blueprint for CEAP, explaining the principles that the ADF uses to guide CDATs in their work.

Terms of Reference Charter: the CDAT Charter, to be used in conjunction with the CEAP Framework document.

Auspice agreement letter template: a template to be used when entering into an Auspice agreement.

Membership details and agreement: A template to collect CDAT membership details and a membership agreement that each CDAT member must sign

Office bearer roles: A list of the elected executive roles that each CDAT must elect through an annual AGM.

Electronic invoice template: a sample tax invoice template.

Action Plan Guide: a guide to help CDATs develop a plan for their work over a 12 month period

Monitoring and evaluation 

2015 CDAT Small Grants Report: examples of successful grants in 2015.

Running CDAT meetings

Membership register: a list of all CDAT members and relevant information about each member.

Meeting attendance: a template to note members’ attendance at CDAT meetings

Working with the community and media

General forms