Capacity building grant program

We are inviting Expressions of Interest for $30,000 of funding for your Project PLUS provision of evaluation consultant to support design and delivery of evaluation.

Applications have now closed

This grant program will partner existing service providers with evaluation experts who will work with them to develop and implement simple and effective evaluation plans that can be completed within a short timeframe. Evaluation will be of existing programs and will demonstrate impact, or the effectiveness of quality improvement approaches.

  • Any organisation or service that delivers information and/or support to family and friends of people who are using AOD, and can demonstrate a case for further development of organisational capacity to undertake research and/or evaluation.

This Grant is an opportunity to build capacity for organisations, enabling them to demonstrate their impact, contributing to the evidence for what works and boosting the organisation’s further funding prospects.

Successful applicants will receive funding to:

  • build capacity and expertise within existing services to demonstrate their impact
  • support services to build data collection capacity
  • identify, document and test quality improvement activities for existing services
  • provide existing services with opportunities to evaluate their services
  • create more evidence of the impact of family and friends focused services.
  • An existing service that is delivering information and/or support services to family and friends of people with AOD issues or concerns or information needs.
  • A service that can develop and deliver the evaluation project within the timeframes.
  • Willingness to share findings publicly.
  • Willingness to work with consultant proactively.
  • Willingness to provide feedback to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation on your experience with the program.

You are strongly advised to attend the 45-minute online information session for the Grant/s you are considering applying for.

Sessions were held on the morning of Friday April 23 and will be an opportunity for you to learn more about your eligibility and the Grant process, including an overview of the program and a general Q&A. There will be two dedicated sessions:

  • Research Grants will be held at 10.00am (April 23 – AEST)
  • Capacity Building Grants will be held at 11:00am (April 23)

Both sessions will be recorded, and the link will be published on this page after the session.

The application process will include two stages.

Stage One

  • Submit an initial Expression of Interest, by answering the online questions in the submission form by 5pm Friday April 30, 2021 (AEST).

Your EOI will need to include the following information:

  1. Provide a brief description of the service / support you provide to family and friends, e.g., phone-based information service; phone-based support service provided by health professional and/or peers; group sessions (face to face or online); other
  2. What are your current processes / ways of measuring impact?
  3. What is the current demand for your service (how many clients do you see a year)?
  4. Do you currently collect data to measure outcomes for clients? If so, describe the data and process for measuring outcomes.
  5. What evidence do you currently have that your service works? How do you use this to build a case for funding?
  6. How would you use this grant/opportunity to add value to your service?

Applications will be assessed by an independent expert panel, with shortlisted applicants then being required to complete Stage Two of the application process.

Stage Two

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an online session with the ADF and the evaluation partner to ‘pitch’ their project and provide more detail of what they would like to achieve and how the funding would benefit their program.

Selection will be based on:

  • is the project viable in the time period?
  • is there a willingness for the service provider to work with the evaluation partner?
  • is there an existing data collection system that can be used?
  • will the project add value to the evidence base and build capacity of the service?

Can I apply for both Grants?

Yes. If you meet the criteria, you are entitled to apply for both Grants.

Initial applications (both Grants):

20 April 2021 Expressions of Interest open

23 April 2021 Online information sessions

30 April 2021 Expressions of Interest close (5pm AEST)

Subsequent Steps – Research Grants

4 May 2021 Shortlisted applicants invited to submit a detailed application

23 June 2021 Final applicant selection

Subsequent Steps – Capacity Grants

17 May 2021 Shortlisted applicants invited to pitch project to evaluation team

19 June 2021 Final applicant selection

Project completion

May 2022 Selected projects to be completed and ready to present at ADF Symposium.

Information session recording

Q:  Does the project submitted for a Capacity Building Grant have to be an existing project or can it be a new project?

A: The project can be existing project or a new project. Applicants will need to consider the short time frame for completion of a new project (by May 2022).

Q:  What if the project involves Comorbidities?

A: Yes, such a project would be applicable if it involves Family and Friends affected by AOD outcomes.

Q: Does the project have be State-wide or cover a large geographical area? Can it cover a small/specific geographical area?

A: There will be no preferences given to projects covering large geographical areas as opposed to small areas.

Q: Are the Grant funds able to be used for payment of staff wages?

A: The program is flexible as to what the funds can be used for – as long as the project is focused on Family and Friends and there are reportable outcomes from the project.

Q: What if my project involves a Social Media campaign?

A: If the campaign was part of a project that aims to build the evidence of what works to support family and friends then yes, this would be within the Grant guidelines.

Q: My project is focused on one cultural group – am I able to apply for the Grants?

A: Yes, the program encourages culturally diverse projects, as long as there is a ‘“Family and Friends’” focus to the project.