Local Drug Action Team Program

Round 2 LDATs have been announced.

Applications for Round 3 will open in late 2017.

To help get your application for Round 3 ready, please read the Becoming an LDAT page and if you have any questions please get in touch.

The Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) program helps communities work together to prevent alcohol and other drug harms across Australia.

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How the program works

The LDAT program gives Australian communities a framework to prevent and reduce the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs (AOD).

Local Drug Action Teams will work collaboratively as a group to prevent alcohol and other drug harms in their community. With support and resources from the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF), the LDATs will deliver evidence-informed social change activities that strengthen protective factors to minimise AOD harms in their community.

By 2020, it is hoped that there are 220 LDATS in communities around the country that are reflective of the population distribution of Australia.

The ADF would love your community to come on this journey with us. It is envisaged that LDAT application rounds will take place bi-annually.

We are committed to primary prevention

There is increasing concern in communities all across Australia about alcohol and other drugs, particularly crystal methamphetamine (‘ice’).

Law enforcement cannot solve the problem alone. Community prevention is essential because AOD problems are entrenched in our lifestyles and are partly a result of how we organise our society. It is well established that community members know their communities best and have a huge opportunity to affect change, so we want to work with communities to strengthen the protective factors that can best tackle these issues.


Why it works

We know some of the reasons why people take alcohol and other drugs, including ‘ice’. And we know the factors that drive some people to misuse them.

The LDAT program is a tremendous step: lifting the support and resources, and enabling communities across Australia to create a community-owned culture of AOD prevention that is locally relevant.

By working together as a group, LDAT members can leverage their community strengths and boost factors such as quality education, positive parenting and establishing clear pathways from education to work that help protect against AOD harm.

The ADF will work with LDATs to ensure their activities are informed by evidence, regularly monitored and reviewed, and committed to a process of community consultation.

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Funding and responsibility

The LDAT program has been funded by the Australian Government as part of the response to the Final Report of the National Ice Taskforce 2015 and the 2015 National Ice Action Strategy.


The Taskforce and the Strategy identified that localised community action was needed to prevent and reduce the harms from crystal methamphetamine (‘ice’) impacting the community.

The Australia-wide program will be implemented by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation between 2016 and 2020. It will provide a platform and resources to support communities to develop and deliver evidence-based social change projects that prevent and reduce alcohol and other drug harms.

More information

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