What type of LDATs will be considered?

In scope

Out of scope

LDATs raising awareness of Crystalline methamphetamine (‘ice’) use in communities through participatory community methods involving multiple agencies with a prevention focus

Funding for treatment services to support ice users. Forums that focus on law enforcement issues in relation to behaviour of drug users. Approaches that stigmatise people who use ‘ice’.

LDATs that seek to provide at risk young people with career development support to stay in education by engaging different community agencies

LDATs that provide ad-hoc diversionary activities that don’t form part of a wider strategy to support young people (such as Christmas parties and camps)

LDATs that provide community support to expectant mothers around alcohol and drug harms in pregnancy

Detoxification programs for expectant mothers.

LDATs that encourage young people’s participation in community-led mentoring and support that encourages positive choices around alcohol and drugs

Community-led campaigns to legalise cannabis

LDATs that seek to develop collaborative approaches to creating and maintaining safe community spaces

Funding of the running costs of existing facilities used by the LDAT member organisations

LDATs that use evidence-informed approaches to support parents and carers talk to their children about alcohol and other drug issues

Projects that use scare tactics and inaccurate information to educate parents and stigmatise people who take drugs

LDATs that work with local police, local businesses and community groups to reduce alcohol-related violence in community spaces

LDATs seeking to close all licenced venues and retail outlets selling alcohol

LDATs that actively seek to provide a relevant and co-designed approach to working with Indigenous communities

LDATs which want to work with Indigenous communities that have not consulted with the Indigenous communities.