Materials for success

How do we start a Local Drug Action Team?

What is the best way for us to lead a community-based program that maximises our chances of preventing alcohol and other drug harm?

And then, how do we develop this program over time?

This resources section will help answer questions like these: supplementing other information on our site including the page that discusses “Becoming a Local Drug Action Team”.

Importantly, this section provides your LDAT with advice and strategies on how to meet the purpose and values of the LDAT program. This includes:

  1. Working as a cohesive group.
  2. How to promote social inclusion through a process of community consultation.
  3. How to build a high value (in terms of social impact) program using an evidence-based approach.

Types of resources

We have a number of resources available for LDATs at their various stages.  These include a 7-stage process to create meaningful change through community consultation. Materials like this one include a downloadable workbook. Other materials include video, webinars, downloadable templates, inspiring case studies and other tools to help your team succeed. Resources and toolkits from partner organisations, such as Positive Choices and Cracks in the Ice will also be available.

These materials will be refined and extended over time, based on the experiences of LDATs and the evaluation we complete during the life of the program.

A community of practice

A major component of the program will be an online ‘community of practice’. Co-designed with a range of LDAT communities, this platform will be active from late 2017, providing a space to share, collaborate and learn from other LDATs, as well as gain the latest insights on ‘best practice’ AoD harm prevention both in Australia and internationally.