What is an LDAT Action Plan?

The Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) program is about building stronger, more resilient communities around Australia.

An LDAT Action Plan (LDAT AP) documents your local context and the specific strategies that your team will implement to reduce alcohol and other drug (AOD) harms in your community.

Teams require a detailed LDAT AP when applying for project funding.

How to develop your LDAT Action Plan

The purpose of this section is to help teams develop their own LDAT AP.

This includes:

  • outlining the range of elements you need to consider;
  • providing accompanying guidelines on what is expected when addressing each element; and a mock example of an LDAT AP (for download).
  • Before you start, keep in mind these key principles underlying the LDAT program.

Link through to the LDAT AP template for an overview of the individual elements needing to be covered and guidelines on how to prepare your plan.

Download a ‘mock LDAT Action Plan’ example here.

Core principles underlying the LDAT program

Primary prevention

The LDAT program promotes primary prevention as a way to improve community resilience and reduce harmful drug use. This includes supporting community projects that strengthen the protective factors and reduce the risk factors associated with alcohol and other drug use.

Find out more about primary prevention.

Improving understanding to deliver community-specific, evidence-based projects

The program also aims to strengthen the links between organisations and improve their understanding of the social, economic, cultural and environmental factors that affect AOD use in communities.

This shared understanding enabling LDATs to identify ‘community-specific’ protective factors on which they can build their own evidence-based LDAT project.