Inspirational examples of primary prevention

The most effective way to minimise and prevent alcohol and other drugs (AOD) harm is through ‘primary prevention’. So we’d like to share with you some inspirational examples of primary prevention activities from around the world.


Effective AOD prevention programs strengthen individuals, foster healthy connections between people, and build stronger communities. This in turn reduces the prevalence of many personal and social problems.

Primary prevention activities can range from early support for new parents, to mental health programs for young people, to school retention strategies for teens, or connecting people to their community through employment, volunteer or other community-based activities.

You’ll see a lot of references to this preventative approach within the various resources we supply to Local Drug Action Teams (LDATs). These resources are designed to help you establish your LDAT, and then tailor your program response to suit the particular AOD challenges facing your community.

The case studies linking from this page are designed to give your LDAT some ‘primary prevention inspiration’: examples of primary prevention work already going on that might help your LDAT develop its own community-specific response.

It should be noted that while many of these examples have an evidence-base supporting their particular approach, this does vary, and the evidence for some may not be as strong as others. In a way, this is a good thing.

It’s only through experimentation that we’ll find new and innovative ways to tackle AOD harm in Australia – and establish a clear understanding of what’s most effective when it comes to reducing this harm within different communities.

So with that disclaimer in mind, get some inspiration, and come back from time to time as we’ll be regularly updating this page with new examples.