We understand that no two workplaces are the same when it comes to alcohol and other drugs. Through our ADF Consult program we work with you to develop an effective alcohol and drug strategy that suits your organisation.

How does it work?

This holistic service follows the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s cultural change model which aims to reduce harm, reduce supply and reduce demand. It’s a two-staged approach:

Step 1: Establish the facts and strengthen the case for change.

We conduct focus groups, online surveys and face-to-face interviews to gather information, opinion and views about alcohol and drugs in the workplace from your executive team, staff and potentially key stakeholders.

Step 2: Collate the evidence and establish the influences that define your workplace culture towards alcohol and drugs.

Our expert research team develops a report for you covering the existing culture and beliefs in your organisation and making strategy recommendations to achieve positive culture change.

More information

Contact our Workplace Services team to discuss how we can help you reduce your risk. T: (03) 9611 6100 or E: