Educating Employees

There are two key reasons why workplaces need to educate employees about alcohol and drugs.

Effectiveness: An alcohol and drug policy isn’t very effective unless it’s been communicated well to employees and they have a good understanding why it’s been developed. If this isn’t done, you leave yourself open to a number of risks and could be liable for unfair dismissal charges or in the event of a safety incident.

Awareness: Building employee awareness is the best way to get in front of the curve ball and prevent alcohol and drug problems, including the hidden financial costs they are causing Australian business every day.

Fair Work Australia example

At-risk business

An employee was dismissed after returning the 2nd positive test for alcohol within six months. She pursued and won an unfair dismissal case.

Why did an employee who twice tested positive for alcohol win the case?

  • The company policy was found to be insufficiently communicated to the workforce
  • It wasn’t clear which of several policies in place within the organisation applied to her role


We can help

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation offers a number of services to help you educate your employees about alcohol and drugs, including: