Face-to-face education

ADF Inform is our face-to-face education program where the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) visits your workplace and presents to your employees.

Presentation objectives

The ADF Inform presentation is engaging and interactive and will help your organisation by:

  • Providing useful information about how alcohol and drug use at home can impact the workplace
  • Busting the myths about alcohol and drugs and how long they take to leave your body
  • What signs and symptoms to look for if you’re concerned about a work colleague
  • Where to get free and confidential support


Work colleagues discuss

How does it work?

  • An ADF employee will come to your workplace and deliver the presentation at a time convenient for you
  • Interactive 60-minute session with activities and encouraged audience participation
  • Can be delivered to groups of up to 40 people
  • We can tailor the presentation to suit your needs

What’s generally covered in the presentation?

Key information Social impacts (violence, hospitalisations, deaths, drinking and drink driving). Financial impacts (social and workplace)
Australian culture Workplace patterns of consumption / use social and industry specific content
Standard drinks Keeping track
What is alcohol & what is it doing to you Understanding alcohol. Why you get headaches. Increasing BAC.
Risks Identification and management of risks. Protecting employees. Risk and protective factors.
Taking the lead What can you do

At BMD, employee wellness forms a major part of our company and culture. We recognise the importance of good health and wellbeing and recently engaged Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) to be the guest speaker at our 2015 BMD Safety Day in Victoria for a broad discussion around alcohol and other drugs.    


ADF guest speaker Natasha’s approach of no question is too silly and no topic is off limits, got an enthusiastic green light from the team at BMD. The presentation was energetic, purposeful and was an interactive approach on delivering key messages on topics such as ‘Alcohol what’s the harm?’, ‘Alcohol and the workplace’, ‘What’s a standard drink?’, ‘Processing alcohol’, ‘Types of illegal drugs’, ‘Usage rates of illegal drugs’ and ‘Workplace safety and productivity’.


ADF linked the presentation back to our BMD drug and alcohol policies and procedures. This evidence-based approach, education session helped to raise awareness of the issues around alcohol and drug problems… looking at implications not only to one’s self but for family, friends and the workplace. BMD recommends the ADF drug and alcohol training and education presentation for all organisations. ADF will assist your organisation to gain a better understanding of the subject whilst making the topic fun and enjoyable with a healthy dose of humour.

BMD Group


A thoroughly engaging presentation that provided insight into how to better look after yourself and your workmates. It sure did open up constructive conversation around the workplace. 

CEO, South Gippsland Shire


Today’s session was really informative and I found the information provided about your BAC and the next day effects really valuable. 

Polar Fresh


Two words to describe today’s presentation, ‘informative and interesting’.  The statistics you provided on how alcohol and drugs are impacting our workplaces was really interesting. 



The presentation was powerful and provided excellent up-to-date research about alcohol and drug use and its impact on the workplace. We had a number of different HR professionals from blue-collar workplaces and it was great how you targeted the session to be relevant to them. 


The energy you created during the open discussion segment was great. I believe the session will result in some long-term impacts for the businesses. Half of the group said they would either revise or re-write their alcohol and drugs policy as a result of the session. I would highly recommend this session to any business. 

A A, Wyndham City Council