Online learning

ADF Aware is our online education tool, which you can use to you start the conversation about alcohol and other drugs in your workplace, including about your policy on this topic if you have one.

Our program highlights the immediate and after-effects (like hangovers) of alcohol and drugs including how they could impact on work.

Program objectives

ADF Aware will help you raise awareness about alcohol and drugs among your employees, specifically:

  • How their actions at home can affect their work performance
  • The impact of excessive alcohol use and binge drinking on themselves and others
  • The immediate and long-term effects of drug use (both illegal and pharmaceutical drugs)
  • The cost of alcohol and drugs to the Australian workforce, which can affect job security

How does it work?

  • Q&A style, 30 minute program with short quiz after each module. Employees must achieve 100% for each quiz to progress to the next module.
  • Engaging 3D animation, and realistic, thought provoking simulations
  • Interactive reinforcement activities to promote learning
  • Certificate of participation given for successful completion

Easy for workplaces to implement

  • Suitable for all employees, from the boardroom to the factory floor
  • Complements your employee induction process, or annual awareness program
  • Can support your existing OH&S policy and health and wellbeing program
  • Easy to manage for administrators
  • No costly software required
  • Hosted on the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s server
  • Simple online reporting, tracks and records each employee’s progress

What’s covered in the course?

Topics Details
Alcohol Affects Everyone Statistical information on Australia's drinking culture, effects of risky drinking and understanding the dangers of driving while intoxicated.
Intoxication in the workplace Exploring why alcohol is an issue in the workplace.
Binge Drinking and Hangovers Understanding the effect alcohol has on your behaviour and performance the next day.
Be Drug Smart Risks associated with illegal drugs and the impact these substances can have on your behaviour.
Being Responsible Be responsible not only with your own consumption of alcohol but looking out for others.

I found the program easy to read, easy to understand and informative. The quiz at the end of each module was effective and you get instantaneous gratification – The Gen Y’s will have the certificate. Excellent educational resource.

P M, Newcastle Knights


The training was great and we will include it in our health and wellbeing program.

L.W, Community Housing Limited