Toolbox talks

Toolbox Talks is a complete ‘train-the-trainer’ style education program that allows your line managers/supervisors to implement alcohol and drug training internally.

Program objectives

Our Toolbox Talks are designed to help line managers confidently discuss the topic of alcohol and drugs with their team, covering:

  • Topical issues related to alcohol and drugs that can impact safety in your workplace (i.e. understanding the next day effects of drinking)
  • Short and long term health effects of alcohol and drugs
  • The connection between mental health problems and alcohol and drug use


Module outlines

Module 1 – Alcohol, why the fuss?

  • Alcohol, what’s the harm?
  • Alcohol and the workplace
  • What’s a standard drink?
  • Australian Alcohol Guidelines
  • Short and long term effects of alcohol

Module 2 – Next day effects of alcohol

  • Blood alcohol concentration
  • What’s a hangover?
  • Processing alcohol
  • Workplace Safety

Module 3 – Alcohol and Mental Health

  • What is mental health?
  • How common are mental illnesses?
  • Common symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Alcohol, mental illness and the workplace

Module 4 – Drugs

  • What is a drug?
  • Types of illegal drugs
  • Usage rates of illegal drugs
  • Pharmaceutical and prescription drugs
  • Workplace safety and productivity