Fact sheets

The following fact sheets provide evidence-based information about the harms associated with alcohol and drug misuse. We encourage you to make these available to your employees by posting them on your noticeboard, in the lunch room, or on the intranet.

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Alcohol and the workplace

Employee and employer rights and responsibilities, the impact of alcohol on the workplace, and what to do if you’re worried about a co-worker.

Reducing the risk of workplace alcohol problems

Strategies to minimise the impact of alcohol and drugs including policy development, education and training, and treatment.

How much is too much

Australian alcohol guidelines to reduce your risk of alcohol-related harm over a lifetime, on a single occasion, as well as recommendations for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Binge drinking in today’s society

What binge drinking is and why it’s harmful, as well as what a standard drink looks like and advice on how to drink at low-risk levels.

Counting your drinks

Why and how to count the number of standard drinks you consume.

Drink spiking is illegal

What drink spiking is, how to identify it, what to do if it happens, and how to avoid your drink being spiked.

Staying safe on the roads: work-related driving

Safe driving and the impact of alcohol and drugs on a person’s ability to drive.

Drinking while pregnant

Covers the effects of alcohol on women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and the effects on their child. Also touches on alcohol’s impact on male fertility and sex drive.