The following guidelines can help put your business on the right track. These guidelines provide advice to employers on how to tackle alcohol and drugs at work and take a proactive position before an incident occurs.

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Addressing alcohol and drugs at work

How to begin tackling the issue and what initiatives can help.

Effective strategies

Examines various drug and alcohol interventions in the workplace, and ranks their effectiveness.


How to start writing your alcohol and drug policy and what it needs to contain.


Points to consider when thinking about how alcohol and drug awareness, education, and training can each be used to make your workplace safer.

Communicating your strategy

Looks at why it’s important that your employees are aware of your alcohol and drug strategy and its expectations, as well as how you can best inform them.

Event management

Discusses the risks inherent in holding a corporate event and how to protect your organisation.

Ice: know the effects

Details about crystal methamphetamine (‘ice’) use and effects, statistics about use, and specific at-risk industries.