Changing your drinking habits

As we continue to live in isolation, we need to keep an eye on how much alcohol we are drinking and its impact on us and our loved ones.

If new drinking habits that started during the COVID-19 lockdown continue over time, you could be at risk of developing an unhealthy reliance on alcohol.

Read on to find out about the six signs that home isolation could be impacting your drinking and try the quick Drinking Calculator to find out how your drinking measures up.

Below you can find more information on the harms of alcohol, reducing intake, advice on coping with stress, and alcohol use in the family.

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Six signs that home isolation could be impacting your drinking

It helps to know the signs of problem drinking so you can take steps to reduce the risks.

Here are six signs that isolation may be impacting your drinking

Information to help you understand what a standard drink look likes, and the Australian guidelines for alcohol intake.

What is a standard drink?

Guidelines for low risk drinking

Understanding blood alcohol levels (BAC)

Effects of alcohol on the body

Alcohol can pose risks to your health, including harm from accidents and injuries, and increased risk of cancer.

Every alcoholic drink increases your risk of cancer

Alcohol and breast cancer

Alcohol and bowel cancer

Alcohol use and older Australians

With families at home during self-isolation, this may pose an added challenge for parents who want to role model healthy coping strategies to their children.

Role modeling lower risk drinking

Risks of young people drinking alcohol

Many people may wish to make a change to their drinking habits during this time. There is plenty of information and support available for you to take charge of your alcohol consumption.

Managing your alcohol consumption and harm minimisation tips

Safely reducing your alcohol intake and withdrawal

Accessing support and looking after your health

Reducing stress through social connection

Resources and support services

Strategies to reduce stress and anxiety

For reliable and up-to-date information about alcohol and other drugs, call the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s DrugInfo line on 1300 85 85 84 or email