Accessing journal articles in ADF SEARCH

This page steps you through accessing full text journal articles.

Step one – make your search

This can be as broad or specific as you like. I ran a search on alcohol advertising with some filters active so that only peer reviewed, full text materials will display. Your keywords will show up on your results page in yellow. When the full text article is available, this will display in in green. You can see this looking at the second article.

Library search interface details screen

For more information on using ADF SEARCH’s filters, read: Search tips and tricks.

Step 2 – choose your article

I can see that full text is available for the second article, ‘Media alcohol advertising with drinking behaviors among young adolescents in Taiwan’ from Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2017.

Click on the record, go to ‘view online’ and click the link.

Library search interface

Step 3 – verify the article

You’ll be taken to a new tab with the full article citation. Click the ‘go’ button.

Library search interface details screen

Step 4 – enter your login details

When you joined the library, you received an email with a username and password. Enter these when prompted.

Library simple search

Step 5 – you’re there

Once your username and password are accepted, you’ll be taken to the journal page, where you’ll be able to read your article in full or download a PDF.

Library simple search link and details