What we catalogue and how to find it

ADF SEARCH provides access to thousands of journals and articles each year. We also catalogue physical books, some websites, and a lot of ‘grey’ literature in the areas of AOD and public health. This tutorial will help you find your way around your results page.

Understanding your results

Library search cannabis and legislation sample


If your result says ‘Available at ADF Library Journal shelves’, then the article is a paper copy. Email library@adf.org.au to request a PDF.

If your result says ‘Available at ADF Library Books’ then email library@adf.org.au to check out the book and have it mailed out to you.

If your result says ‘Open access’ or ‘Available at ADF Library Internet, online access’ then you can access the article without using your ADF SEARCH login and password.

If your result says ‘Full Text Available, online access’ then you will need to use your login and password to access the full article. Read more about logging in and reading full text.

Using the detail screen

You can find out more about individual records in ADF SEARCH by clicking on the title and heading to the details screen.

The details screen provides a full citation, link to the full text, an abstract, and any tags or keywords associated with the record. You’re also able to import the citation into your bibliographic software, email links or references to yourself, and create permalinks to the record.

What’s a permalink?

If you’re conducting a large search over a number of hours or days, or you want to link to records, then permalinks are a helpful reference tool. If you just copy the url in your browser, the link will expire after a couple of hours, or if you close the library page. Permalinks are links to individual library records that never expire. You can generate one by clicking the ‘permalink icon in the details screen.

Library search permalink view