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Prevention Research highlights best practice in preventing harm caused by alcohol and other drugs.

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Preventing alcohol and drug problems in your community

Prevention Research, June 2014

We can’t rely on governments or harm reduction measures any longer to reduce the number of people who die or suffer each year from entirely preventable alcohol and other drug (AOD) related causes. Grassroots community prevention programs can have a significant impact on reducing these harms.

Prevention can be challenging, but this publication looks at best practice approaches to prevention that communities can use to help them achieve the greatest impact from their programs and campaigns.


Leveraging social media

Prevention Research, June 2013

Communication technologies have brought sweeping changes to contemporary society and the way we interact. Social media in particular is enjoying unprecedented popularity among Australian consumers, who actively engage with it on a regular basis.

Through a growing selection of social media platforms, health promoters have a chance to collaborate with their audiences as they interact with their networks, upload images, ‘like’ and share stories, express personal sentiments and ‘check in’ at various geographic locations. The scale and velocity of social media make it an essential tool for health promotion.


New and emerging drugs

Prevention Research, April 2013

Please note: Since this document was published the term ‘new and emerging drugs’ (NEDs) has been replaced by the term ‘new psychoactive substances’ (NPS).

New recreational drugs are emerging at an unprecedented rate and represent one of the biggest challenges in the alcohol and other drug field for 2013. In this issue of Prevention Research, Stephen Bright asks the question, ‘Are new and emerging drugs a public health crisis waiting to happen?’ and looks at how clinicians, allied health and youth workers, researchers and policy makers can respond.


Under the influence: What local governments can do

Under the influence: What local governments can do to reduce alcohol and drug harms in their communities

Prevention Research Quarterly, October 2012

This publication investigates the role of local governments in reducing drug and alcohol-related harms, and presents a summary of existing research and promising approaches.


The role of alcohol in crime and disorder

Prevention Research Quarterly, August 2012

This publication provides a review of the literature and statistics related to crime and disorder in Australia and Victoria.


Responding to the needs of children and parents

Responding to the needs of children and parents in families experiencing alcohol and other drug problems

Prevention Research Quarterly, May 2012

The range of harms that an individual may experience from their use of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) has been widely documented. More recently, greater attention has been paid to the way in which problematic AOD use can harm others, including children. As a consequence, there is a growing expectation that health and community services providing AOD treatment and support to individuals also consider and address broader family needs.


Heroin and other opioids

Prevention Research Quarterly, September 2011

Authors: Paul Dietz, Louisa Degenhardt, Stuart Kinner and Margaret Hellard



Older people, alcohol and other drugs

Prevention Research Quarterly, August 2011

Author: Dr Barbara Hunter


Information technologies in reducing AOD harms

Prevention Research Quarterly, August 2011

Authors: Simon Rodda, Angela Harney and Professor Dan Lubmn





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