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Having the conversation

If you have a family member or friend who uses alcohol and other drugs it can be really hard to work out how you can support them.

Talking about it can feel overwhelming, and you may not know where to start. These pages have been designed to help you.

We’ve got tips on how you can approach a conversation with someone you’re concerned about as well as info on why people use alcohol and other drugs, plus suggestions for looking after yourself and where you can seek professional advice and support.

AOD information surveys

To better understand how people want and use alcohol and other drug (AOD) information, support and treatment services, the ADF conducts a biennial survey with people who regularly use AOD and a survey with family and friends of people who regularly use AOD.

These reports provide insights into the findings related to help-seeking behaviours and the barriers experienced by both groups, as well as opportunities for action to overcome these barriers.

AOD and mental health needs in young people

Young people’s lives are often defined by quick changes, experimentation and risk taking. These stages of development are important and normal.
Understanding how to enhance the factors that make it less likely a young person will use alcohol or drugs, or reduce the risk of harm if they do, is key when it comes to supporting a young person. These are the protective factors.

AOD Stigma

Stigma is a common and complex problem for people who use alcohol and other drugs. The World Health Organization has ranked illegal drug dependence as the most stigmatised health condition globally, with alcohol dependence listed at number four.

Prevention Research

Prevention Research highlights topics in harm prevention.


ADF's factsheets offer short, evidence-informed summaries on a range of alcohol and other drugs topics.

Booklet and Infographic

Annual Reports

Drug information directory

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