Safe partying

It’s natural to worry and wonder what you can do to help keep your child safe as they encounter alcohol and other drugs in their party scene. It might not always feel like it, but research shows that you do have a big impact on the attitudes and actions of your child.

Party suggestions

Use your influence to guide children during what can be a tricky time.

Young couple

Saying yes or no to a party

Steps to help you figure out what the party will be like and make sure your child stays safe.


Hosting a teenage party

It's possible to create a fun party for your child and their friends while also reducing the risks involved.


Safe partying tips for school leavers

Helping them understand the challenges they may face can help them party safely, enjoy their time, and put your mind at ease.


You are a role model

You are the greatest influence on your child, and how you behave at parties sets an example for them. Our Safe partying for all ages can help you role model positive behaviour.