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The stats have told us that many people have changed their drinking behaviours during lockdown (starting earlier in the day, perhaps drinking a bit more than usual) and now’s the time to rethink drinking.

That’s why we’ve developed the “Celebrate YOU” health and behaviour-change campaign, celebrating Australians for making it through part, or all, of the COVID-19 lockdown, encouraging them to reduce their drink count and realise a host of achievable benefits that come from a few less drinks such as weight loss, better sleep, more money in your pocket, a healthier immune system and a reduced risk of breast cancer.

Celebrate YOU: here’s to a few less drinks and the benefits we can achieve!

We have created a suite of campaign tools and assets that you and your organisation can use to spread the word with your own family, friends and networks.

In this kit you will find:

  • Campaign videos and stills
  • Social media posting calendar
  • Newsletter content

To ensure people can access help and support resources, each piece of information you share should link through to adf.org.au/celebrateyou

For more stats and campaign background, visit:adf.org.au/celebrateyou

Campaign overview

We have created five ads that will appeal to the personal values and goals of our primary target audience, millennial women. Each ad highlights the benefits of a few less drinks with the aim to help people consider whether their recent drinking is getting in the way of them achieving their personal goals. The ads take the form of five six-second videos and a selection of still images. Each of these represents a different benefit. The campaign launched on Friday 10 July and will run for three weeks in all states except Victoria, where it may be rolled out in a fortnight once we gauge the impact of that state’s second lockdown.

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation has developed the “Celebrate YOU” community health initiative to:

  • Encourage Australians to rethink recent drinking behaviours and reduce their alcohol consumption.
  • Highlight the many health and wellbeing benefits that can be realised by reducing alcohol intake.
  • Support people to recognise and change drinking behaviours and set themselves up to emerge from COVID-19 the best they can be.

The target audience for this campaign is primarily women aged in their early 20s to late 30s. The campaign will be promoted on digital and social media channels (Instagram, Facebook and health and wellbeing websites) as we know this group is very active in these spaces and doesn’t engage or trust traditional sources of media and news as much.

According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, millennial females have been feeling very stressed during COVID-19 and feel that lockdown has had a large impact in their lives. Whilst the primary health goals for this audience are losing weight, reducing stress/anxiety and improving sleep quality, only 10% identified cutting down or stopping drinking alcohol as a health goal. By targeting this audience, we can align with their existing goals and demonstrate how reduced drinking can support this.

  • The primary health goals/concerns for female millennials are:
    - Losing weight (55.56%)
    - Reducing stress and anxiety (47.5%)
    - Improving sleep quality (46.64%)
  • Millennial females see the primary benefits of a healthy lifestyle as being:
    - Positive mental health (43%)
    - Staying fit (20.58%)
  • Only 10.49% of millennial females have identified cutting down or stopping drinking alcohol as a health goal (versus 15% of males).

Campaign assets

Campaign visuals:

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Social media

As part of this kit, a social media planner is provided which includes five suggested posts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. You can adapt these to suit your own channels and audiences and show support for the campaign.

Link: adf.org.au/celebrateyou

Handle: @AlcoholDrugFdn


A newsletter article has been included to serve as an additional piece of content about the campaign and can be used in full or in part in your own publications whether in print or digital format.