Library Stakeholder Kit

The ADF Library is the largest and most up-to-date alcohol and other drugs library in Australia.

It provides free access to a wide range of specialist print and online resources, including books, full-text articles from 11,000+ journals and databases.

We’ve put together this kit to provide you with easy resources that can be shared with your networks to help them access the Library.

The ADF Library is free to join and gives you the best access to alcohol and other drug information.

What’s included

  • How to use the stakeholder kit
  • Social media templates:
  • images
  • messages.

How to use the kit

Here are three easy ways to get involved in spreading this helpful advice:

  1. Share the provided social media posts on your social media accounts and websites
  2. Tag us @AlcoholDrugFdn
  3. Like us, follow us, link with us!

Make sure to tag us by selecting @AlcoholDrugFdn in the post copy for Twitter, selecting Alcohol and Drug Foundation from the drop-down menu on Facebook, and @alcohol-and-drug-foundation on Linkedin.

We invite you to use and adapt these resources to help promote the information to your networks.

Social media templates

How to use:

  1. Save the images below
  2. Copy and paste the messages
  3. Share on your social channel (tagging @AlcoholDrugFdn).

In addition to sharing on your organisation’s social media channels, you could encourage active staff to also share on their personal channels, to help spread the word.

Copy and paste any of these messages:


If you need additional templates or have any questions, please get in touch at

Library social media images

Download the social media images below: