January 19, 2023

febfast is a great time to reset

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febfast is an annual event that encourages a month-long break from alcohol, sugar or a vice of your choice – and, it’s quickly approaching.

Take a break from alcohol

If you’re thinking about cutting back on your drinking, getting into febfast is a great way to start.

Twenty-eight days without alcohol can provide plenty of benefits to your health and well-being,1 and can lead to long-term changes such as reduced alcohol consumption, lower rates of excessive (binge) drinking and fewer drinking days - even several months later.2

Cutting back your drinking can have many benefits, like:

  • improved sleep
  • more energy
  • improved relationships
  • better skin
  • healthier weight
  • more money
  • improved memory
  • better immunity
  • improved overall physical and mental health.

Read more about it in our article: Benefits of cutting down on alcohol.

Using febfast as a circuit breaker

febfast is a chance to take a break from a vice or habit and reset.

The febfast website has lots of great tools and resources to support and motivate you to keep on track with your chosen ‘fast’.

And, giving up one of your habits for 28 days can help to raise awareness and funds for young people experiencing serious disadvantage.

Funds raised through febfast will help these young people access the resources and support they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Find out how to get involved by visiting the febfast website.

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