Coping with coronavirus (COVID-19)

The coronavirus pandemic has had many impacts on our everyday lives including the potential for harms associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs.

Some people may have found themselves drinking or using substances more to cope with anxiety, negativity, stress and our changing environment.

It’s important to keep staying as safe as possible, even with the vaccination rollout in Australia. Here you’ll find a range of helpful information and links from this page.

Also, remember to check back in to for the latest updates and information around COVID-19 from the Australian Government.

Changing your drinking habit

Find out the six signs that home isolation could have impacted your drinking and try the quick Drinking Calculator to find out how your drinking measures up.


Information on increased alcohol use during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

This is a traumatic time for Australia and the world, as leadership and individual citizens struggle to cope with the reality of the virus and what it means for our lives.

two men in silhouette deep in conversation

Having the conversation

Are you worried about a loved one and their alcohol or other drug use? Having a conversation shows you care. It's also an opportunity to talk through potential risks ways to minimise harm from drugs, and to establish attitudes and boundaries regarding drug use.

Alcohol and other drug use in the family

With families at home more often and children learning from home, there are new challenges to consider if you or a family member is using alcohol or other drugs.

Isolation and relapse

This time may pose a challenge for anyone in recovery from an alcohol or drug dependence, when accessing the usual support services may be more difficult.

Mixing alcohol and other drugs

There may be an increase in use of pharmacy medications and alcohol, which may be more readily available than other illicit drugs.

Drink driving

Following on from an increase in drinking, there is potential for more drink driving accidents to occur.


For people with a dependence on drugs, reduced supply and limited access to drugs could lead to people substituting the type of drug they use, changing their patterns of use, or forcing people into withdrawal.

Support for people who use alcohol and other drugs

Changing restrictions and outbreaks across all states and territories continue to pose a challenge to Australians. Some people who use or are experiencing a dependence on alcohol and other drugs might face additional challenges and harms during this time.

Federal & State based coronavirus information

It’s important to have a really good, reliable source of information that you can turn to for the facts on COVID-19.

More resources and support services

There are many resources and support services available to you during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Getting help

Help is always available.

Health services are essential services and will not shut during periods of coronavirus restrictions. This includes needle and syringe programs, safe-injecting facilities and pharmacotherapy.

For free and confidential drug information or support, call the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s DrugInfo line on 1300 85 85 84 or email