You haven’t been drinking alone

drinking in isolation campaign image

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation have created a suite of campaign tools and assets that you and your organisation can use to spread the word to Aussie parents that “You may have been drinking in isolation but you haven’t been drinking alone”

Inside this kit you will find:

Campaign videos

Social media tiles

Social media posting calendar

Newsletter content

This is a great way to support the campaign and raise awareness across your networks.

To ensure that people can access help and support resources, each piece of information you share should link through to

Share our content on your website, newsletter or social media channels – our videos, copy and imagery are all available for you to share on whichever platform you use, with no restrictions.

Please encourage your followers to share. Because only by banding together can we help Aussie parents to modify their behaviour and become that positive role model that they truly want to be.

Campaign videos

Campaign Hero video

Supporting videos

Social Media Tiles

As part of this kit, a social media planner is provided which includes 6 suggested posts for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

This content can be used to show support of the campaign



Social Media Assets

Newsletter Content

A newsletter article has been included to serve as an additional piece of content about the campaign and can be used in full or in part in your own publications whether in print or digital format.

Download the Full Campaign kit here: