Path2Help Campaign Kit 2024


The Path2Help portal was developed for family and friends of people who use alcohol and other drugs. It helps Australians sift through thousands of specialist services to find what’s right for them.

Why was Path2Help created?

Path2Help was engineered off the back of research that found that most people (71%) find it difficult to access AOD information and support because they don’t know where to look or what questions to ask.

Based on the proven ASSIST model, the simple tool calculates risk and provides tailored recommendations of suitable support services based on each individual’s personal experiences.

It was created by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, in collaboration with Infoxchange.

How does Path2Help work?

Path2Help helps Australians get support early, as soon as they identify a problem. Just plug in personal answers to no more than 11 questions and the portal will automatically sift through more than 10,000 specialist services to provide the best matches in up to five minutes.

We have tested Path2Help with a range of people who are concerned about their friend or loved one’s substance use as well as general practitioners with experience dealing with AOD. This tool is now available to share with your community.

Please share Path2Help with your networks, stakeholders and any local groups or individuals that could benefit from using this tool.

Access Path2Help

How to use the kit

This kit has been developed so you can easily share information with your contacts and communities. Here are some ways you can help us to raise awareness of the Path2Help tool:

  1. Include the information on your website
  2. Add it to your newsletter
  3. Share on social media
  4. Print and display posters at your organisation or local services.

We invite you to use and adapt the resources provided in this kit to help promote the information to your audiences.

This URL can be copied and pasted into all your communications:

Website or newsletter article templates

Share the article template below on your website or in your next newsletter.

The content can be cut and pasted to suit your requirements. Simply fill in the blank information and share away.


Introducing Path2Help 

A tool from the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) to help you support your loved ones

Navigating your way through the maze of support services for alcohol and other drugs has finally got easier, thanks to Path2Help.

Path2Help helps you get support early, as soon as you identify a problem. The portal asks up to 11 questions and provides local, low or no-cost support services based on your answers – you don’t need to know what you’re looking for, Path2Help’s intuitive search function does it all for you.

Path2Help is free and confidential. Try it today.

Visit Path2Help

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Social Media templates

Use these on your social media platforms. Simply copy and paste the template content and download the images or video.

Content (choose from one of the following dot points):

  • Navigating your way through the maze of support services for family and friends of people who use alcohol and other drugs has finally got easier, thanks to this clever online app. Visit
  • If you’re worried about a loved one who is struggling with alcohol or other drugs but don’t know where to start, help them get support early with Path2Help. The portal can provide information on how to have conversations about alcohol and other drugs, manage conflict, where to find support and treatment, and more. Visit
  • Looking for support and services to help a loved one with alcohol and other drug challenges? Get help early with Path2Help. Visit

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Social tiles

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Download and print these posters to display at your organisation or local services to help your community access Path2Help.

Path 2 Help posters

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