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It’s a free and confidential service – speak to a real person for real information about alcohol and other drugs and how you can best support yourself or someone you’re concerned about.

DrugInfo helps thousands of Australians every year by listening, providing the facts and sharing contact details for counselling, treatment and support services.

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About DrugInfo

Help for individuals and organisations, including:

  • resources for an event
  • alcohol and other drug (AOD) resources for clients
  • AOD sector updates
  • school projects
  • help with research
  • reliable information and advice on talking to your children about alcohol and other drugs
  • resources to help run a drug education class
  • comprehensive information on how a drug could affect you
  • help for yourself, a friend or family member.

DrugInfo also provides alcohol and drug professionals with a first port of call for information about drugs and prevention of drug-related harm, to support them in their work.

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Email druginfo@adf.org.au

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